Celebrate your academic achievement

Corsage Girls – are you interested in attending this year’s Boutique Ball? With the help of a personal shopper, search hundreds of fabulous dresses and accessories to find your unique prom look. All free of charge. This special day includes a mini makeover, refreshments and gift bags provided by our sponsors. Free of charge.

Are you eligible?

If yes, you may be eligible to participate in the Corsage Project program and receive free formal wear for prom night 2017.

How to apply

In order to be eligible to attend our boutique ball, we must receive an email from a guidance counselor, teacher or social worker referring you to our program. Referrals can be sent to referrals@corsageproject.ca. The deadline for this is March 31, 2017.

Our Boutique Ball is not open to the public and your privacy will be ensured. You are allowed to bring one guest – please note only female guests are allowed in the communal change room area.