For Students and Guidance Counsellors/Referrers

Q: As a graduating high school student, how can I participate in the Boutique Ball?

Graduating students are invited to attend the Boutique Ball by referral only. Please see contact your guidance counsellor for more information or referrals@corsageproject.ca

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for participants?

Participants must meet all three requirements to be eligible:
– The student must be graduating from grade 12 from a Toronto high school
– This must be the first year the student is attending The Corsage Project’s Boutique Ball
– The student’s need for support must align with the application criteria

Q: Are suits available?

No, unfortunately, only dresses are available. The Corsage Project does not have the resources to provide suits at this time.

Q: Can I get a dress for my grade 8 graduation?

No, unfortunately, The Corsage Project is only able to support graduating high school students.

Q: I go to a school outside of Toronto, may I participate?

Priority is given to students of Toronto high schools. If there is still capacity, students from schools outside of Toronto may be considered.

Q: I missed the Boutique Ball. Is there another date?

No, unfortunately the Boutique Ball is a one day event and items are not available for distribution outside of the event day.

Q: Are there other organizations providing prom dresses outside of Toronto?

In Québec, please check out Fées Marraines.
In British Columbia, please check out The Cinderella Project.
In Manitoba, please check out Gowns for Grad
In Saskatchewan, please check out The Princess Shop

For Supporters

Q: I have a dress I would like to donate. Do you accept used dresses?

Thank you for your consideration, but The Corsage Project only accepts new formal wear.
If you are in the Toronto area, please consider donating to New Circles.

Q: How can I support the event?

Thank you for your consideration, financial donations make The Corsage Project’s Boutique Ball possible and can be made throughout the year by clicking here.
For dress and shoe donations, please contact Pam Handelsman
For all other gift-in-kind donations, please contact Julia Dilena.

Please note that only new gift-in-kind donations are accepted.

Q: I would like to organize a similar event in my community. Can you help?

The Corsage Project is happy to provide information to others looking to support and celebrate graduating high school students. Please contact our Executive Chair, Joanne Sallay.

Q: How can I volunteer for the Boutique Ball?

Please contact Katie O’Hara for volunteer information.